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About Hollander Corporation

Ever since the invention of the pneumatic tire, man has worked to improve it overall design and efficiency. Even with the most modern advances in the tire industry there are still obvious short comings. Flat tires, slow leaking tires, and tires that fail resulting in catastrophic failure “the Blow out” are still apparent. 


As a 21 year old chemist apprentice, Paul Hollander began his career at the World famous research and development laboratory of E.N. Doyle. During that time Earl and Paul worked tirelessly on a project termed “PCC” developing what is today “Puncture Control Compound”

After several years of research, endless laboratory and field testing Hollander Corporation was born.

P.C.C. Tire Treatment has surpassed all expectations in performance and reliability and is available worldwide. P.C.C. Tire Treatment is used extensively in the most demanding applications by some of the largest commercial fleets in the harshest conditions the world over.


Shortly thereafter Hollander Corporation turned its attention to other automotive products. With an ever growing demand for extreme high quality appearance products UV2 Protectant hit the market with unbelievable success. All of the key components including the silicone backbone of UV2 are emulsified exclusively by Hollander. In doing so the product has functional properties and outstanding characteristics that are unmatched to this day.


With thousands of customers worldwide, Hollander Corporation decided to bring its expertise of innovative research and product development to the world of cleaning products. Cyclone-1 high performance products introduced a line of cleaners, degreasers, and washes that are specifically engineered as super concentrates. Cyclone-1 Products can be diluted many times they will perform at a very high level making them economical and extremely effective.


Hollander Corporation “In search of Excellence” We continue to research, test and further develop all of our products as if they just came out on the market. You can expect only the best from Hollander Corporation now and in the future…

To all of you, from all of us at Hollander Corporation - Thank you for your business.


Paul Hollander